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★ 恋 の Music ★

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Koi No Music.
26 July 1988
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Welcome to Koi no Music~!


Koi No Music is a Jpop rotation Journal maintained by _simplenclean_ for the purpose of sharing files with others. Please do not let the name deceive you, there will be more than just jpop up here, but that is mainly what I will post.


♦ All downloads are FRIENDS ONLY, that means you must add me as a friend. Simple as that. I accept anyone who adds me, so it's not hard or anything.
♦Add me first I cannot stress that enough! Just leave a comment saying you've added me and I'll be sure to add you back.
♦ Requests are welcome, but please refrain from requesting too many files at one time and make sure that your request has not already been filled. I'll get very sick of uploading the same files every week.
♦ Please look through the tags before making any requests. It'll make it easier, it's no fun uploading things more than once.
♦ These files are for sampling purposes only and please delete after 24 hours! [Although I know you won't, I just have to put it out there]. If you like the artist SUPPORT THEM
♦ Absolutely NO flaming of the artists or the songs I post will be tolerated, I never said you had to like what I posted. So if you don't like it, then don't download it.
♦ Comment if you take anything I don't enjoy watching the little file uploading bar in my spare time, so I'd like to know that it is going to a good cause.
♦ If the file runs out before the week is up [or before I upload new ones] simply ask for a re-up and I'll be more than happy to do it for you when I have spare time.
♦ Enjoy the music!


Please post here with the fie you wish to request [be sure to check the filled request list and the tags first] and I will upload it as soon as I can [within the next rotation, depending on how many request are before yours]

And that's it, if you request a very large file [i.e. Concerts, movies, complete discographies], please request only that for the time being.



*Koi_No_Music is not affiliated with the following sites. But if you like the artist, please buy their stuff at those websites.